The interpretation and prediction of event participants in Mandarin verb-final active and passive sentences [dataset]

by: Gerwien, Johannes (Author)
Heidelberg: Universität, 2019-09-02
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What makes up a reportable event in a language?: Motion events as an important test domain in linguistic typology [Dataset]

by: Stutterheim, Christiane von (Author); Gerwien, Johannes (Author); Bouhaous, Abbassia (Author); Carroll, Mary (Author); Lambert, Monique (Author)
Heidelberg: Universität, 2019-05-09
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Uniform vs. discriminatory auctions with variable supply?: experimental evidence

by: Becker, Johannes Gerd; Damianov, Damian Stefanov (Author); Oechssler, Jörg (Author)
Heidelberg: Universität, 2010
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Titus: Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien

by: Gippert, Jost (Contributor); Korn, Agnes (Contributor)
Frankfurt: Jost Gippert, 2008-
Nachgewiesen 2008 -
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Banaras Bibliography

by: Michaels, Axel (Contributor); Gengnagel, Jörg (Contributor)
Heidelberg, DE: Axel Michaels & Jörg Gengnagel, 2006-
Nachgewiesen 2006 -
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www.Albaufstieg-Aichelberg.de, www.Drackensteiner-Hang.de

by: Glaßer, Jens (Contributor)
Kirchheim, Teck: Glaßer, 2004-
Wendlingen, Neckar: Glaßer, früher
Nachgewiesen 2004 -
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A historical map of Varanasi

by: Gengnagel, Jörg (Contributor)
Heidelberg: Südasien-Institut, 2001-
Nachgewiesen 2001 -
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