Stripped bare the art of animal anatomy

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Authors and Corporations: Bainbridge, David (Author)
Title: Stripped bare the art of animal anatomy David Bainbridge
Princeton; Oxford: Princeton University Press, [2018]
London: Quarto Publishing plc, [2018]
Physical Description:256 Seiten; 26 cm
ISSN/ISBN: 069118142X
Summary:Before the press. From antiquity to the Renaissance ; Leonardo da Vinci : animal as machine ; Albrecht Dürer : the wonderful line -- The horse stripped bare. Cutting and cataloguing : 16th-19th centuries ; Carlo Ruini : Anatomia del cavallo ; George Stubbs : The anatomy of the horse -- Bewildering variety. A pictorial menagerie : 16th-19th centuries ; Volcher Coiter : De partibus similaribus humani corporis ; Georges Cuvier : Le règne animal ; Alfred Brehm ; Tierleben ; Richard Owen : The anatomy of vertebrates -- Embryos and ancestors. Evolution and development in the 19th century. Ernst Haeckel : development of the embryo, development of the race ; Edweard Muybridge : Animal locomotion ; Santiago Ramón y Cajal : Textura del sistema nervioso del hombre y de los vertebrados -- Onward, inward, outward. The wonders of life since 1900 ; D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson : On growth and form
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Notes:Includes index
Language: English