Human rights law from dissemination to application ; essays in honour of Göran Melander

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Authors and Corporations: Grimheden, Jonas, Melander, Göran, Ring, Rolf
Title: Human rights law Elektronische Ressource from dissemination to application ; essays in honour of Göran Melander Jonas Grimheden and Rolf Ring (eds.)
Boston: M. Nijhoff, 2006
Physical Description:Online-Ressource (x, 394 p); ill., col. port; 25 cm
ISSN/ISBN: 9789004151819
Type of Resource:E-Book
Source:Brill Online / E-Books Human Rights and Humanitarian Law; International Law 2006-2008
Notes:Group accommodation and the challenges of education : multicultural or intercultural-or a combination of the two? / Asbjørn Eide -- - The importance of an education in human rights / M. Arthur Diakité -- The education of police in human rights--a framework for human rights programmes for police / Ralph Crawshaw -- Human rights education in China / Li Baodong -- Human rights education and research in China : the contribution of The Raoul Wallenberg Institute / Sun Shiyan -- Human rights education in the Netherlands / Cees Flinterman and Stacey Nitchov -- The protection of civilian educational institutions during the active hostilities of international armed conflict in international humanitarian law / David A.G. Lewis -- The self-reflective human rights promoter / Jonas Grimheden -- Hugo Grotius and the roots of human rights law / Ove Bring -- Human rights before international criminal courts / Vojin Dimitrijević and Marko Milanović -- Never again? Rwanda and the world / Lennart Aspegren -- The contested notion of freedom of opinion / Herdís Thórgeirsdottir -- From 'protective passports' to protected entry procedures? the legacy of Raoul Wallenberg in the contemporary asylum debate / Gregor Noll -- Implementing international human rights law on behalf of asylum seekers and refugees : the record of the Nordic countries / Robin Lööf and Brian Gorlick-- Legal position of asylum seekers in Austria / Lauri Hannikainen -- Refugees in Swedish private international law / Michael Bogdan -- Civil freedoms and rights in the Swedich constitution of 1974 : the process and the rationale / Carl-Gustaf Andrén -- Various interpretations of human rights for women--challenges at United Nations' conferences / Elisabeth Gerle -- Implementation of international conventions as a socio-legal enterprise : examples from the Convention on the Rights of the Child / Håkan Hydén. Includes bibliographical references. In English; with one article in Swedish with an English summary
Language: Swedish