Thirty-seventh annual report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. 1951. Including technical reports nos. 1003 to 1058

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Authors and Corporations: Alksne, Alberta, Allen, H. Julian, Barmby, J.G., Barnett, Henry C., Barrett, Paul F., Beck, Edgar B., Becker, John V., Bird, John D., Braslow, Albert L., Burrows, Dale L., Chapman, Dean R., Cohen, Doris, Corrsin, Stanley, Crate, Harold, Creager, Marcus O., Cunningham, Herbert J., Delano, James B., Desmon, Leland G., DeYoung, John, White, A.E., Mendelson, Alexander, Ferri, Antonio, Jones, Arthur L., Trout, Arthur M., Jaquet, Byron M., Kaplan, Carl, Watkins, Charles E., Lin, Chia Chiao, Godfrey, Douglas, Wilcox, E. Clinton, Reynolds, E.E., Schwartz, Edward B., Otto, Edward W., Perkins, Edward W., Stowell, Elbridge Z., Horton, Elmer A., Eckert, Ernst Rudolf Georg, Visconti, Fioravante, Oppenheimer, Frank L., Diederich, Franklin W., Fuller, Franklyn B., Schubauer, Galen Brandt, Low, George M., Goodwin, Glen, Mirels, Harold, Lomax, Harvard, Pearson, Henry A., Lo, Hsu, Goodman, I.A., Garrick, I.E., Mayers, J., Fischel, Jack, Stalder, Jackson R., Emery, James C., Donegan, James J., Watson, James M., Laufer, John, Houbolt, John C., Erwin, John R., Freeman, John W., Weeton, John W., Serijan, K.T., Merten, Kenneth F., Goin, Kennith L., Sternfield, Leonard, Humble, Leroy V., Wu, M.H. Lee, Queijo, M.J., Uberoi, Mahinder S., Stein, Manuel, Heaslet, Max A., Tetervin, Neal, Wise, P.H., Seide, Paul, Klebanoff, Philip S., Scherrer, Richard, Heldenfels, Richard R., Gordon, Sanford, Gendler, Selwyn, Racisz, Stanley F., Jackson, Thomas W., Huff, Vearl N., Morrell, Virginia E., Wolhart, Walter D., Vincenti, Walter G., Lowdermilk, Warren H., Scull, Wilfred E., McGowan, William A., Taylor, Burt L., Quinn, John H., Loftin, Laurence K., McKinney, Marion O., Gates, Ordway B., United States Congress Senate, United States National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
Title: Thirty-seventh annual report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. 1951. Including technical reports nos. 1003 to 1058 Elektronische Ressource
Washington, DC, 1952
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Part of: United States congressional serial set
Part of: Senate document / 82nd Congress, 2nd session. Senate
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Notes:A comparison of theory and experiment for high-speed free-molecule flow, by Jackson R. Stalder, Glen Goodwin, and Marcus O. Creager [No. 1032], p. 735. A general integral form of the boundary-layer equation for incompressible flow with an application to the calculation of the separation point of turbulent boundary layers, by Neal Tetervin and Chia Chiao Lin [No. 1046], p. 1067. A lift-cancellation technique in linearized supersonic-wing theory, by Harold Mirels [No. 1004], p. 65. A numerical method for the stress analysis of stiffened-shell structures under nonuniform temperature distributions, by Richard R. Heldenfels [No. 1043], p. 1019. A recurrence matrix solution for the dynamic response of aircraft in gusts, by John C. Houbolt [No. 1010], p. 145. A small-deflection theory for curved sandwich plates, by Manuel Stein and J. Mayers [No. 1008], p. 129. A study of effects of viscosity on flow over slender inclined bodies of revolution, by H. Julian Allen and Edward W. Perkins [No. 1048.], p. 1103. A study of the use of experimental stability derivatives in the calculation of the lateral disturbed motions of a swept-wing airplane and comparison with flight results, by John D. Bird and Byron M. Jaquet [No. 1031], p. 709. A summary of lateral-stability derivatives calculated for wing plan forms in supersonic flow, by Arthur L. Jones and Alberta Alksne [No. 1052], p. 1211. A theoretical analysis of the effect of time lag in an automatic stabilization system on the lateral oscillatory stability of an airplane, by Leonard Sternfield and Ordway B. Gates, Jr. [No. 1018], p. 291. An analysis of base pressure at supersonic velocities and comparison with experiment, by Dean R. Chapman [No. 1051], p. 1187. Analysis of means of improving the uncontrolled lateral motions of personal airplanes, by Marion O. McKinney, Jr. [No. 1035], p. 795. Analysis of plane-plastic-stress problems with axial symmetry in strain-hardening range, by M.H. Lee Wu [No. 1021], p. 359. Analysis of the effects of boundary-layer control on the take-off and power-off landing performance characteristics of a liaison type of airplane, by Elmer A. Horton, Laurence K. Loftin, Jr., Stanley F. Racisz, and John H. Quinn, Jr. [No. 1057], p. 1353. Analysis of thrust augmentation of turbojet engines by water injection at compressor inlet including charts for calculating compression processes with water injection, by E. Clinton Wilcox and Arthur M. Trout [No. 1006], p. 97. Analysis of turbulent free-convection boundary layer on flat plate, by E.R.G. Eckert and Thomas W. Jackson [No. 1015], p. 255. Analytical determination of coupled bending-torsion vibrations of cantilever beams by means of station functions, by Alexander Mendelson and Selwyn Gendler [No. 1005], p. 77. Buckling of thin-walled cylinder under axial compression and internal pressure, by Hsu Lo, Harold Crate, and Edward B. Schwartz [No. 1027], p. 647. Calculation of the lateral control of swept and unswept flexible wings of arbitrary stiffness, by Franklin W. Diederich [No. 1024], p. 413. Comparison between theory and experiment for wings at supersonic speeds, by Walter G. Vincenti [No. 1033], p. 757. Comparison of theoretical and experimental heat-transfer characteristics of bodies of revolution at supersonic speeds, by Richard Scherrer [No. 1055], p. 1301. Compressive strength of flanges, by Elbridge Z. Stowell [No. 1029], p. 675. Correlation of physical properties with molecular structure for some dicyclic hydrocarbons having high thermal-energy release per unit volume, by P.H. Wise, K.T. Serijan, and I.A. Goodman [No. 1003], p. 55. Diffusion of chromium in alpha cobalt-chromium solid solutions, by John W. Weeton [No. 1023], p. 397. Dynamics of a turbojet engine considered as a quasi-static system, by Edward W. Otto and Burt L. Taylor, III [No. 1011], p. 177. Effect of aspect ratio on the air forces and moments of harmonically oscillating thin rectangular wings in supersonic potential flow, by Charles E. Watkins [No. 1028], p. 657. Effect of tunnel configuration and testing technique on cascade performance, by John R. Erwin and James C. Emery [No. 1016], p. 263. Effects of wing flexibility and variable air lift wing bending moments during landing impacts of a small seaplane, by Kenneth F. Merten and Edgar B. Beck [No. 1013], p. 221. Equations and charts for the rapid estimation of hinge-moment and effectiveness parameters for trailing-edge controls having leading and trailing edges swept ahead of the mach lines, by Kennith L. Goin [No. 1041], p. 937. Experimental and theoretical studies of area suction for the control of the laminar boundary layer on an NACA 64A010 airfoil, by Albert L. Braslow, Dale L. Burrows, Neal Tetervin, and Fioravante Visconti [No. 1025], p. 433. Experimental investigation of the effect of vertical-tail size and length and of fuselage shape and length on the static lateral stability characteristics of a model with 45 [degree] sweptback wing and tail surfaces, by M.J. Queijo and Walter D. Wolhart [No. 1049], p. 1117. Experimental investigation of the effects of viscosity on the drag and base pressure of bodies of revolution at a mach number of 1.5, by Dean R. Chapman and Edward W. Perkins [No. 1036], p. 805. Formulas for the supersonic loading, lift, and drag of flat swept-back wings with leading edges behind the mach lines, by Doris Cohen [No. 1050], p. 1146. General method and thermodynamic tables for computation of equilibrium composition and temperature of chemical reactions, by Vearl N. Huff, Sanford Gordon, and Virginia E. Morrell [No. 1037], p. 829. Horizontal tail loads in maneuvering flight, by Henry A. Pearson, William A. McGowan, and James J. Donegan [No. 1007], p. 117. Influence of chemical composition on rupture properties at 1200 [degrees] F. of forged chromium-cobalt-nickel-iron base alloys in solution-treated and aged condition, by E.E. Reynolds, J.W. Freeman, and A.E. White [No. 1058], p. 1385. Integrals and integral equations in linearized wing theory, by Harvard Lomax, Max A. Heaslet, and Franklyn B. Fuller [No. 1054], p. 1267. Investigation of frequency-response characteristics of engine speed for a typical turbine-propeller engine, by Burt L. Taylor, III, and Frank L. Oppenheimer [No. 1017], p. 279. Investigation of fretting by microscopic observation, by Douglas Godfrey [No. 1009], p. 135. Investigation of separation of the turbulent boundary layer, by G.B. Schubauer and P.S. Klebanoff, National Bureau of Standards [No. 1030], p. 689. Investigation of spoiler ailerons for use as speed brakes or glide-path controls on two NACA 65 series wings equipped with full-span slotted flaps, by Jack Fischel and James M. Watson [No. 1034], p. 769. Investigation of the NACA 4-(5)(08)-03 and NACA 4-(10)(08)-03 two-blade propellers at forward mach numbers to 0.725 to determine the effects of camber and compressibility on performance, by James B. Delano [No. 1012], p. 189. Investigation of turbulent flow in a two-dimensional channel, by John Laufer, California Institute of Technology [No. 1053], p. 1247. Measurements of average heat-transfer and friction coefficients for subsonic flow of air in smooth tubes at high surface and fluid temperatures, by Leroy V. Humble, Warren H. Lowdermilk, and Leland G. Desmon [No. 1020], p. 343. NACA investigation of fuel performance in piston-type engines, by Henry C. Barnett [No. 1026], p. 453. On the particular integrals of the Prandtl-Busemann iteration equations for the flow of a compressible fluid, by Carl Kaplan [No. 1039], p. 909. Relation between inflammables and ignition sources in aircraft environments, by Wilfred E. Scull [No. 1019], p. 303. Some effects of nonlinear variation in the directional-stability and damping-in-yawing derivatives on the lateral stability of an airplane, by Leonard Sternfield [No. 1042], p. 1009. Spectra and diffusion in a round turbulent jet, by Stanley Corrsin and Mahinder S. Uberoi, Johns Hopkins University [No. 1040], p. 915. Study of effects of sweep on the flutter of cantilever wings, by J.G. Barmby, H.J. Cunningham, and I.E. Garrick [No. 1014], p. 229. Supersonic flow around circular cones at angles of attack, by Antonio Ferri [No. 1045], p. 1055. Table of contents, p. II. Temperature distribution in internally heated walls of heat exchangers composed of non-circular flow passages, by E.R.G. Eckert and George M. Low [No. 1022], p. 381. The method of characteristics for the determination of supersonic flow over bodies of revolution at small angles of attack, by Antonio Ferri [No. 1044], p. 1039. The stability of the compression cover of box beams stiffened by posts, by Paul Seide and Paul F. Barrett [No. 1047], p. 1087. Theoretical antisymmetric span loading for wings of arbitrary plan form at subsonic speeds, by John DeYoung [No. 1056], p. 1317. Wind-tunnel investigation of air inlet and outlet openings on a streamline body, by John V. Becker [No. 1038], p. 887. © 2008 by NewsBank, Inc. All rights reserved
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