Chapter 1 Introductions

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Authors and Corporations: Harmat, Gal (Author)
Title: Chapter 1 Introductions
Taylor & Francis, 2020
Physical Description:1 electronic resource (23 p.)
ISSN/ISBN: 9780367333805
Summary:This introduction will not simply introduce the topic of the book as a
classical introduction. Instead, it will combine the first chapter of the
book with introduction by focusing on how to start a workshop or a
course. This is the way I often open my courses and learning workshops.
We will begin, then, by examining the very concept of introductions in
the widest sense, with a special focus on the function of names: the
names that individuals are given at birth, usually by their parents or
extended family, and that are often chosen because of their significance.
People’s names are imbued with meaning, with symbolism, with cultural—
and often religious—meaning, which for some may carry positive
connotations while others may find a certain name at best aseptic or, at
worst, frightening. And in most cases, your name is the first aspect of
your person that others experience.
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