International Law : Chiefly as Interpreted and Applied in Canada

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Authors and Corporations: Castel, J.G., (Author)
Title: International Law : Chiefly as Interpreted and Applied in Canada / J.G. Castel.
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Part I. General
I. Definitions, Nature, and Sources of International Law
II. Authority and Application of International Law in Canadian Courts
III. The Domain of International Law
Part II. International Personality
IV. The Subjects or Persons of International Law
Part III. State Jurisdiction
V. Forms of State Jurisdiction: Territorial and Personal
VI. The Territory of States
VII. Nationality and Individuals in International Law
VIII. Extent of State Jurisdiction
Part IV. International Agreements
IX. The Law of Treaties
Part V. The International Responsibility of States
X. State Responsibility and International Claims
Part VI. Disputes and Hostile Relations Between States
XI. Pacific Settlement of International Disputes
XII. Forcible or Coercive Means of Settlement
XIII. Neutrality
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Index of Cases
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Toronto : University of Toronto Press, [2017]
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Summary:'The study of international law is increasingly important with Canada's growing role in foreign affairs, but it has until now been neglected in Canadian law schools, and no comprehensive Canadian textbook or casebook has been available to teachers of international law on the undergraduate or graduate level. This work will fill the need for such a text. Although the emphasis is on Canadian material, important decisions of international tribunals have been included. Cases, which form the bulk of the material, have been selected and presented with a view to facilitating discussion of the problems which most frequently arise in the practice of international law in Canada and in relations between the Canadian government and other governments. Documents and selected essays have been included as well when they will assist in understanding, or when there is a shortage of relevant cases. There is a survey of the general nature and sources of international law, followed by an analysis of the basic principles and how they have been applied in Canadian courts. Topics of direct interest to Canadians are examined in detail, and the work will be of value not only to teachers and students but to all those concerned with government and international affairs.
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