"Astrologi hallucinati" : Stars and the End of the World in Luther's Time

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Other Editions: "Astrologi hallucinati": stars and the end of the world in Luther's time
Authors and Corporations: Zambelli, Paola, (Editor)
Title: "Astrologi hallucinati" : Stars and the End of the World in Luther's Time / Paola Zambelli.
Work Part Title:Frontmatter: Zambelli, Paola
Foreword: Pomian, Krzysztof
Contents: North, John D
Introduction: Astrologers' Theory of History: Ludolphy, Ingetraut
Astrology as a Naturalistic Theology of History: Caroti, Stefano
Celestial influence - the major premiss of astrology: Höss, Irmgard
Luther und die Astrologie: Hammerstein, Helga Robinson
Melanchthon's Astrology: Köhler, Hans-Joachim
Georg Spalatiti and the Astrologers: Kurze, Dietrich
The Battle of the Booklets: Prognostic Tradition and Proclamation of the Word in early sixteenth-century Germany: Steinmetz, Max
The Flugschriften and their Importance in Religious Debate: A Quantitative Approach: Lecoq, Anne-Marie
Popular Astrology and Prophecy in the fifteenth and sixteenth Centuries: Johannes Lichtenberger: Zambelli, Paola
Johann Virdung von Haßfurt, sein Leben und seine astrologischen Flugschriften: Ernst, Germana
D'après Pigghe, Nifo et Lucien: le rhétoriqueur Jean Thénaud et le déluge à la cour de France
Many ends for the world Luca Gaurico Instigator of the Debate in Italy and in Germany
From the watery Trigon to the fiery Trigon: Celestial Signs, Prophecies and History
Index of Names
Index of Manuscripts and Rare Books
Edition:Reprint 2014
Berlin ; Boston : De Gruyter, [2014]
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