Triginta Nouem Motetos habet : ut in sequen ti indice demonstratur.

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Authors and Corporations: Jacquet, of Mantua, (Composer), Lhéritier, Jean, (Composer), Lupi, Johannes, (Composer), Willaert, Adrian, (Composer), Arcadelt, Jacob, (Composer), Lupus, (Composer), Gombert, Nicolas, (Composer), Maistre Jhan, (Composer), Sermisy, Claudin de, (Composer), Hesdin, Nicolle des Celliers d', (Composer), Gallus, Joannes, (Composer), Janequin, Clément, (Composer), Phinot, Dominique, (Composer), Rossi, Francesco, di Valenza, (Printer), Buglhat, Johannes de, (Printer), De Campis, Henrico, (Printer), Hucher, Antonio, (Printer), Ercole II d'Este, Duke of Ferrara, Modena, and Reggio, (Dedicatee)
Title: Triginta Nouem Motetos habet : ut in sequen ti indice demonstratur.
Impressum Ferrari :: In Aedibus Francisci Rubei de Valentia, expensis & labore Ioannis de Buglhat, Henrici de Campis, et Anthonii Hucher, Sociorum,, 1538.
Electronic reproduction.. London :: British Library,, 2011.
Physical Description:4 part books ;; 17 x 24 cm (obl 4to)
Place of Publication:Italy -- Ferrara.
Type of Resource:Notated Music
Source:Early Music Online
Notes:A collection of motets in four parts. The first page of each part book bears a woodcut bearing the letters C, A, T, B in the centre; on the verso is a fleur-de-lys, printed in black; on f. 2r is a dedication to Hercules ii., Duke of Ferrara. Transcribed title page from Cantus part book, fol. 3v.: LIBER CANTVS (VOCVM QVATVOR) TRIGINTA / NOVEM MOTETOS HABET, VT IN SEQVEN / TI INDICE DEMONSTRATUR. Transcribed colophon: Impressum Ferrariae In Aedibus Francisci Rubei de Valentia / Expensis & Labore, Ioannis de Buglhat, Henrici de Campis, / Et Anthonii, Hucher, Sociorum, Mense Martii. / Anno Domini. / 1538. / CVM GRATIA ET PRIUILEGIO. / SERENISSIMI ET ILLUSTRISSIMI / PRINCIPIS HERCULIS. II. / DVCIS FERRARIAE / .IIII. Attribution for 'Vnum cole deum' from the New Grove work list for Jacquet of Mantua. Spes salutis pacis attributed to Johannes Lupi both by Harry Lincoln and by Bonnie Blackburn in New Grove. Copy at K.4.g.4. CANTVS (36 leaves), ALTVS (36 leaves), TENOR (36 leaves), BASSVS (36 leaves); original foliation in each part book: [1], 2-36 f. Copy at K.4.g.4. Digitised score at Latin words
Language: Latin