Private Equity Investment in the Generics and CMO Industry

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Authors and Corporations: has been working at the interface of innovation management &amp, IP, business development &amp, licensing, alliances and M&amp, biochemistry and microbiology in Erlangen, where he received his PhD in biochemistry working at Wyeth Pharma´s Medical Research Division in New York. He holds an MBA from the OUBS in Milton Keynes, an MSc in Pharmaceutical Medicine from the University Essen-Duisburg, and a certificate in industrial patent rights from Beuth University in Berlin. Before starting his industrial career he did his post doc at the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry in Martinsried, Munich. From 2011 to 2013 he was Innovation Manager at Acino Pharma AG in Basle and Aesch, and before that he headed the Corporate Innovation &amp, IP Management of Sigvaris in Winterthur. Afterwards, Dr. Ettner joined the Corporate Business Development at Sartorius Stedim Biotech. Since the end of last year, he has been working in Future Technologies Pharma &amp, Biotech at Lonza´s headquarters in Basle. Author has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, life science industry working for Beiersdorf AG as well as Fresenius Kabi where he held various executive positions. He has a broad experience in leading and overseeing drug development programs, most of which were initiatives in collaboration with partners in the US, Canada, and Europe. He also has a strong background in dealing with patent, intellectual property matters. From 2001 to *2005-, he also served as board member of the Biotech Section of BPI (Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry). In conjunction with a series of educational programs, he transitioned into the Finance Industry back in *2006-, where he joined ComInvest Asset Management GmbH (later merged with Allianz Global Investors), working as a financial buy-side analyst for the Healthcare Industry until 2010. From 2011 until recently, primarily IT and Pharma, Friedberg and is also a Certified Financial Analyst (CEFA).
Title: Private Equity Investment in the Generics and CMO Industry
In: pharmind, 2015, 05
Summary:Die Generika-Industrie und im speziellen die Pharmalohn- und Auftragshersteller für ethische Arzneimittel, Generika, OTC-Produkte und Nahrungsergänzungsmittel durchlaufen momentan einen harten Konsolidierungsprozess. Dies ist bedingt durch Überkapazitäten, den fortgeschrittenen Saturierungsgrad bei Generikaprodukten in westlichen Ländern mit einhergehender Margenerosion sowie den anhaltenden Kosteneinsparungsdruck der Gesundheitssysteme. Seit 2007 ist eine erhöhte Zahl an Transaktionen zu beobachten bei denen Private Equity (PE) Funds, also Finanzinvestoren, als Käufer auftreten. Private Equity ist eine Form der Eigen- bzw. Beteiligungsfinanzierung für Unternehmen. Den akquirierten Unternehmen wird dadurch außerbörsliches Eigenkapitel zur Umsetzung ihrer Wachstumsstrategien zur Verfügung gestellt. Die Hintergründe und die Bedeutungen dieser für die Generika- und Pharmalohnhersteller-Branche neuartigen Entwicklungen werden anhand einiger Transaktionen beleuchtet und analysiert. Abstract The current generic drug market has led to an often harsh consolidation of the industry. An increasingly popular option for companies under financial stress is acquisition by a private equity fund. An acquired company is then provided with the needed equity to implement change or growth strategies that allow them to maintain or improve their market position. We will look at the background to this growing trend in the generics and pharma generics CMO industries and analyse its potential using recent case histories. We will also have a look at the future for Private Equity (PE) investment in healthcare.
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