APA Citation

Schröder, S., Schimmöller, F., Singer-Krüger, B., & Riezman, H. (1995). The Golgi-localization of yeast Emp47p depends on its di-lysine motif but is not affected by the ret1-1 mutation in alpha-COP. The Journal of Cell Biology, 131(4), 895-912. doi:10.1083/jcb.131.4.895

MLA Citation

Schröder, S., F. Schimmöller, B. Singer-Krüger, and H. Riezman. "The Golgi-localization of Yeast Emp47p Depends On Its Di-lysine Motif but Is Not Affected By the Ret1-1 Mutation in Alpha-COP". The Journal of Cell Biology, 131.4 (1995): 895-912.

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