APA Citation

Plate, R., Nivard, R J., & Ottenheijm, H C. (1986). Conversion of indole into 3-s-(cysteinyl)indoles and 2-s-(cysteinyl) tryptophans. an approach to tryptathionines. Tetrahedron, 42(16), 4503-4509. doi:10.1016/s0040-4020(01)87292-6

MLA Citation

Plate, Ralf, Rutger J.F Nivard, and Harry C.J Ottenheijm. "Conversion of Indole Into 3-s-(cysteinyl)indoles and 2-s-(cysteinyl) Tryptophans. an Approach to Tryptathionines". Tetrahedron, 42.16 (1986): 4503-4509.

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