APA Citation

Maio, S., Sherrill, D L., MacNee, W., Lange, P., Costabel, U., Dahlén, S., Sybrecht, G W., Burghuber, O C., Stevenson, R., Tønnesen, P., Haeussinger, K., Hedlin, G., Bauer, T T., Riedler, J., Nicod, L., Carlsen, K., & Viegi, G. (2012). The European Respiratory Society spirometry tent: A unique form of screening for airway obstruction. European Respiratory Journal, 39(6), 1458-1467. doi:10.1183/09031936.00111910

MLA Citation

Maio, Sara, et al. "The European Respiratory Society Spirometry Tent: A Unique Form of Screening for Airway Obstruction". European Respiratory Journal, 39.6 (2012): 1458-1467.

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