APA Citation

Güney, M., Ceylan, Z Ç, Daştan, A., & Balci, M.(2005). Substituent effects of the cycloaddition reaction of 7-substituted 5H-benzocycloheptenes with singlet oxygen and the chemistry of the benzocycloheptene endoperoxides. Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 83(3), 227-235. doi:10.1139/v05-046

MLA Citation

Güney, Murat, Zeynep Çelik Ceylan, Arif Daştan, and Metin Balci. "Substituent Effects of the Cycloaddition Reaction of 7-substituted 5H-benzocycloheptenes With Singlet Oxygen and the Chemistry of the Benzocycloheptene Endoperoxides". Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 83.3 ( 2005 ): 227-235.

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