Äsopische geschichten in Meisterlied, Spruchgedicht und comedi

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Authors and Corporations: Holzberg, Niklas
Title: Äsopische geschichten in Meisterlied, Spruchgedicht und comedi
In: Beiträge zur Geschichte der deutschen Sprache und Literatur, 140, 2018, 4, p. 489-504
Walter de Gruyter GmbH
Physical Description:489-504
ISSN/ISBN: 1865-9373
Summary:<jats:title>Abstract</jats:title> <jats:p>Hans Sachs, who, in upwards of 6000 poetic works, brought literature to the German-speaking urban middle and lower classes, adapted for his largely illiterate audience lengthy portions of Steinhöwel’s ›Esopus‹, including the ›Life of Aesop‹, turning them into Meisterlieder, Spruchgedichte, and a comedi. The ›Life‹ was the source, for one, of selected episodes which he could each rework adeptly for easy listening as individual shorter texts. In the work he wrote for the stage, ›Esopus der fabeldichter‹, moreover, he used his skill as dramatist to link a few episodes from the ›Life‹ and make of them a coherent plot with scenes not just strung loosely together, but united by an overarching theme.</jats:p>
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