Liebesmetaphern in der deutschen und brasilianischen Alltagssprache

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Authors and Corporations: Schröder, Ulrike
Title: Liebesmetaphern in der deutschen und brasilianischen Alltagssprache
In: Lebende Sprachen, 52, 2007, 4, p. 164-169
Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG
Physical Description:164-169
ISSN/ISBN: 0023-9909
Summary:<p xml:lang="en">This article is about culture-specific metaphors in our everyday speech, based on a comparative case study in which the Brazilian conceptualization of the domain of the experience of love is analyzed in contrast to the German one. Examples of everyday metaphors used by the participants of the respective cultures are presented and discussed, emphasizing the frequent Brazilian use of sensual metaphors which are also responsible for the structuring of other lifeworlds, whereas in the German speech metaphors rooted in more rational lifeworlds like economy or technology are dominant. Furthermore, this discussion examines the particular character istics of the German and Brazilian speeches which are reflective of their respective cultural-historical developments and constitute in part the shown dynamic of the metaphorical conversation in everyday live.</p>
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Source:De Gruyter Journals / Social Sciences and Humanities
Language: English, German