Clause chaining in Toposa: A pragmatic approach

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Authors and Corporations: Schröder, Helga
Title: Clause chaining in Toposa: A pragmatic approach
In: Lodz Papers in Pragmatics, 9, 2013, 1, p. 25-44
De Gruyter Mouton
Physical Description:25-44
ISSN/ISBN: 1898-4436
Summary:<title>Abstract</title> <p>This paper explores the pragmatic routines that occur in clause 2 chaining. It demonstrates that the tense-aspect dependency markers in Toposa texts not only combine chained clauses with an initial clause, but also guide the audience to understand information in texts as foregrounded. The understanding of which information is foregrounded is achieved through pragmatic routines that cut the comprehension process short because of frequently encountered inferential processes occurring in repeatedly accessed contextual environments. The pragmatic routines are explained as part of the relevance-theoretic comprehension heuristic. It will also be shown how these routines apply to narratives, and procedural texts.</p>
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Source:De Gruyter Journals / Social Sciences and Humanities
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