Szemle [Reviews]

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Authors and Corporations: P. Müller, Péter, Bódy, Zsombor, Huszár, Ágnes, Gálosi, Adrienne, Szummer, Csaba, Prajda, Katalin
Title: Szemle [Reviews]
In: Budapesti Könyvszemle - BUKSZ [Budapest Review of Books], 21, 2009, 03, p. 264-281
Budapesti Könyvszemle Alapítvány Foundation for Budapest Review of Books
ISSN/ISBN: 0865-4247

Summary:Zsombor Bódy: Trenches in the Hinterland. The middle class, the Jewish question, and anti-Semitism in Hungary during the Great War by Péter Bihari Adrienne Gálosi : Regarding the Pain of Others . Essays and speeches by Susan Sontag Péter P. Müller : The Dead Memory Machine . Tadeusz Kantor’s Theatre of Death by Krzysztof Pleśniarowicz Csaba Szummer: Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me) . Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts by Elliot Aronson and Carol Tavris Katalin Prajda: Omnis creatura significans . Essays in Honour of Mária Prokopp on Her 70th Birthday edited by Anna Tüskés Ágnes Huszár: Grammar of the Boyash Language by Anna Orsós and László Kálmán
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Source:CEEOL Central and Eastern European Online Library
Language: Hungarian