Zur Etymologie von ringen und wringen

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Authors and Corporations: Mitzka, Walther
Title: Zur Etymologie von ringen und wringen
In: Zeitschrift für Mundartforschung, 34, 1967, 2, p. 137-141
Franz Steiner Verlag
Physical Description:137-141
ISSN/ISBN: 0932-3988
Summary:<p>In his thesis "Wringen — Dweran — Torquere. Etymologische Untersuchungen", Münster 1961 LOTHAR SCHMIDT decides for a single gmc. etymon for NHG ringen 'to fight' and wringen 'to wring'. The three OHG examples for firing are interpreted as scribal errors. WALTHER MITZKA proves in the present essay that GRAFF'S view, that the two stems have arisen from different etymons, which has been generally accepted since, is still basically justified and that OHG hring is to be taken at face value.</p>
Type of Resource:E-Article
Source:JSTOR Arts & Sciences VI Archive
Language: German