Soziologie treiben. Für eine Kultur der Forschung

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Authors and Corporations: Amann, Klaus, Hirschauer, Stefan
Title: Soziologie treiben. Für eine Kultur der Forschung
In: Soziale Welt, 50, 1999, 4, p. 495-506
Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft
Physical Description:495-506
ISSN/ISBN: 0038-6073
Summary:<p>The essay pleads for sociology as a discipline defined by parameters of research instead of 'science'. This requires regarding disciplinary knowledge not so much as accumulated property to be saved (archived and objectified), but as capital to be invested in new (unsafe, 'surprise-able') knowledge. Such an offensive stance towards the unknown is essential to a discipline besieged by everyday knowledge more than any other discipline. Professionalizing the peculiar cultural practice of 'doing sociology' requires the permanent disruption from what is already known about social life. In this respect, sociology may benefit from borrowing the ethnological heuristics of 'discovering the strange', i.e. doing research as if social life were unknown by creating an active estrangement of its subjects.</p>
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Language: German