Musical Compositions Based on Rembrandt's Works

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Authors and Corporations: Fink, Monika, Christensen, Lukas John
Title: Musical Compositions Based on Rembrandt's Works
In: Music in Art, 33, 2008, 1/2, p. 268-281
Research Center for Music Iconography of the City University of New York Graduate School
Physical Description:268-281
ISSN/ISBN: 1522-7464
Summary:<p>Since 1865 the work of Rembrandt and the artist himself inspired composers to write instrumental and vocal works. A great number of these compositions, regardless of a variety of their personal styles and techniques, are focused on the light-dark-effects and on the chiaroscuro technique, which are significant elements of Rembrandts paintings. It also seems evident that the particular significance of the spoken word in Rembrandt's pictures should provide the basis for "substantive" tonalities in the form of vocal scores, which explains the large number of such music pieces set to Rembrandt's art, including six operas. And a fascination with Rembrandt's pictures persists among composers even up to the present day.</p>
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