Distance Semantics for Belief Revision

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Authors and Corporations: Lehmann, Daniel, Magidor, Menachem, Schlechta, Karl
Title: Distance Semantics for Belief Revision
In: The Journal of Symbolic Logic, 66, 2001, 1, p. 295-317
The Association for Symbolic Logic, Inc.
Physical Description:295-317
ISSN/ISBN: 0022-4812
Summary:<p>A vast and interesting family of natural semantics for belief revision is defined. Suppose one is given a distance d between any two models. One may then define the revision of a theory K by a formula α as the theory defined by the set of all those models of α that are closest, by d, to the set of models of K. This family is characterized by a set of rationality postulates that extends the AGM postulates. The new postulates describe properties of iterated revisions.</p>
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Language: English