Interleaving boost converters with a single-capacitor turn-off snubber

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Authors and Corporations: Chang, H.-H., Tseng, S.-Y., Huang, J. G.
Title: Interleaving boost converters with a single-capacitor turn-off snubber
In: 2006 37th IEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference, 2006, p. 1-7
Physical Description:1-7
ISSN/ISBN: 0-7803-9716-9
ISSN/ISBN: 0-7803-9716-9
Summary:This paper proposes interleaving boost converters with a single-capacitor snubber to smooth out switch turn-off transition. The single-capacitor snubber is used to limit rising rate of drain-source voltage of the switch in the converters for reducing turn-off loss. In addition, the converters are operated at the boundary of continuous conduction mode and discontinuous conduction mode to reduce turn-on loss, and with an interleaving fashion to decrease output current ripple. As compared with the counterparts of conventional converter topologies, the proposed converters have the merits of less component counts, higher efficiency over a certain load range, smaller size, and they are easier to implement. Hardware measurement obtained from experimental prototypes have verified these merits.
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