Graduate Study in Electrical Engineering

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Authors and Corporations: Weber, Ernst
Title: Graduate Study in Electrical Engineering
In: Proceedings of the IRE, 50, 1962, 5, p. 960-966
Physical Description:960-966
ISSN/ISBN: 0096-8390
Summary:Graduate study in electrical engineering developed significantly after World War I when radio engineering came of age. The many new scientific discoveries preceding World War II and exploited technologically during and following that war lent tremendous impetus to the further growth of graduate study, particularly towards the doctor's degree. The keen competition for the outstanding students between industrial research laboratories and the faculties of the leading institutions has retarded the growth of the genuine full-time student body and has enormously accelerated the part-time enrollment for graduate degrees with the result that the numbers of degrees awarded have increased at a lesser rate. This has accentuated evaluative studies of graduate education and drawn the attention to national needs; namely, large-scale support of a sufficient number of outstanding graduate study and research centers with adequate support for genuine full-time graduate students in order to supply faculty needs as well as the needs of industry in this highly technological society.
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