Robust Resource Allocation

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Authors and Corporations: Schubert, Martin, Boche, Holger
Title: Robust Resource Allocation
In: 2006 IEEE Information Theory Workshop - ITW '06 Chengdu, 2006, p. 556-560
Physical Description:556-560
ISSN/ISBN: 1-4244-0067-8
Summary:We propose a framework for robust power allocation based on worst-case interference functions, which are determined by a parameter-dependent coupling matrix. The power allocation is optimized with respect to the worst-case interference. One main contribution of this paper is to show that these worst-case interference functions have useful properties, which can be exploited for the design of an efficient iterative algorithm. The proposed iteration minimizes the total transmit power while the worst-case SINR of each user achieves a given target value. By analyzing the properties of the interference functions, we show monotonicity and super-linear global convergence, even though the original problem is non-convex. The iteration always requires less steps than an alternative fixed-point iteration, which has only linear convergence.
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