Dynamics of engineering education-uniformity or quality

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Authors and Corporations: Weber, Ernst
Title: Dynamics of engineering education-uniformity or quality
In: IRE Transactions on Education, 2, 1959, 3, p. 89-93
Physical Description:89-93
ISSN/ISBN: 0893-7141
Summary:A number of internal and external pressures bear down on engineering colleges today. These include the shortage of experienced manpower, the rapid rate of scientific discoveries requiring absorption in curricula, the increasing college population, competition by industry for faculty members, and the need for additional income for plant expansion and faculty salaries. Within the body of engineering schools, one faction presses for the scientific reorientation of curricula while another holds to the professional art of design as the principle requirement in engineering colleges. Despite the traditional assumption that education is distinguished by large moments of inertia and that the time scale is measured in terms of generations, we lack sufficient time in a world of latent chaos. Positive and exciting internal forces must be injected into our dynamic system.
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