Drawing execution graphs by parsing

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Authors and Corporations: de Bruyn, G.A.M., van Roosmalen, O.S.
Title: Drawing execution graphs by parsing
In: Proceedings of Third Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Systems, 1995, p. 113-122
Physical Description:113-122
ISSN/ISBN: 0-8186-7099-1
Summary:We present an algorithm for drawing execution graphs. Such graphs represent the control flow in a program. The fact that a program is constructed according to a grammar is reflected in the corresponding execution graph. Therefore, we introduce graph production rules that are based on generally used programming language constructs. Each rule is applied to a certain class of topologies of the graph. By parsing an execution graph according to these rules a visually appealing layout of the graph can be generated. We take into account that the nodes in a graph can have variable sizes.<<ETX>>
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