Classifying object-oriented real-time systems: Ada 95 and Deal

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Authors and Corporations: Hammer, D.K., Welch, L.R., van Roosmalen, O.S.
Title: Classifying object-oriented real-time systems: Ada 95 and Deal
In: Proceedings IEEE Symposium and Workshop on Engineering of Computer-Based Systems, 1996, p. 324-331
Physical Description:324-331
ISSN/ISBN: 0-8186-7355-9
Summary:The paper extends and applies a previously published taxonomy for the evaluation of object-oriented languages for the construction of distributed real-time systems. Our main question is: how well do current approaches support the design of concurrency and non-functional system features like the specification of allocation, timing and fault tolerance constraints? In order to demonstrate our approach, we consider two extremes: Ada 95 and our own real-time language Deal. It is shown that our taxonomy is well suited to discern essential properties of such languages and to point out the weaknesses of contemporary approaches.
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Source:IEEE Xplore Library
Language: English