Letters to the editor

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Authors and Corporations: Weber, Ernst, Nelson, Eric H., Rock, Sidney, Reid, John O., Richards, Leo J., Wight, H. B., Lyon, Valpo V., <suffix>Jr</suffix>, Charles Kingsley, Wheeler, Walter
Title: Letters to the editor
In: Electrical Engineering, 54, 1935, 3, p. 347-351
Physical Description:347-351
ISSN/ISBN: 0095-9197
Summary:CONTRIBUTIONS to these columns are invited from Institute members and subscribers. They should be concise and may deal with technical papers, articles published in previous issues, or other subjects of some general interest and professional importance. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING will endeavor to publish as many letters as possible, but of necessity reserves the right to publish them in whole or in part, or to reject them entirely. STATEMENTS in these letters are expressly understood to be made by the writers; publication here in no wise constitutes endorsement or recognition by the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.
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