Überlegungen zur Rechtswirklichkeit im frühen Nürnberger Fastnachtspiel

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Authors and Corporations: Nöcker, Rebekka
Title: Überlegungen zur Rechtswirklichkeit im frühen Nürnberger Fastnachtspiel
In: Zeitschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik, 41, 2011, 3, p. 66-87
J.B. Metzler
Physical Description:66-87
ISSN/ISBN: 0049-8653
Summary:This article considers the elements of legal reality which form the literary arrangement of the early Nuremberg court plays. Three levels of legal themes can be observed in the plays. Firstly, aspects of content and structure concern the kind of structure of trial and court order as well as the character of the member of court staff, who is always depicted in a critical manner. Secondly, the plays closely follow contemporary legal language, which not only determines the subject matter but also forms the court situation, within which the plot of the play develops. Here the genre plays with the options of the legal language, particularly with the legal proverb. Thirdly, close connections with Nuremberg’s legal organization in the late Middle Ages reflect the tight regulation of public life in the ›Reichsstadt‹. They can refer to concrete historical cases, which are understood by the carnival comedy in a critical manner. These three fields which are apparent in the early Nuremberg shrovetide play implying legal reality in content and structure, language and history will be shown with the help of selected examples.
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Source:Springer Journals
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