CISSKA-LSB: color image steganography using stego key-directed adaptive LSB substitution method

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Authors and Corporations: Muhammad, Khan
Title: CISSKA-LSB: color image steganography using stego key-directed adaptive LSB substitution method
In: Multimedia Tools and Applications, 76, 2017, 6, p. 8597-8626
Springer US
Physical Description:8597-8626
ISSN/ISBN: 1380-7501
Summary:Information hiding is an active area of research where secret information is embedded in innocent-looking carriers such as images and videos for hiding its existence while maintaining their visual quality. Researchers have presented various image steganographic techniques since the last decade, focusing on payload and image quality. However, there is a trade-off between these two metrics and keeping a better balance between them is still a challenging issue. In addition, the existing methods fail to achieve better security due to direct embedding of secret data inside images without encryption consideration, making data extraction relatively easy for adversaries. Therefore, in this work, we propose a secure image steganographic framework based on stego key-directed adaptive least significant bit (SKA-LSB) substitution method and multi-level cryptography. In the proposed scheme, stego key is encrypted using a two-level encryption algorithm (TLEA); secret data is encrypted using a multi-level encryption algorithm (MLEA), and the encrypted information is then embedded in the host image using an adaptive LSB substitution method, depending on secret key, red channel, MLEA, and sensitive contents. The quantitative and qualitative experimental results indicate that the proposed framework maintains a better balance between image quality and security, achieving a reasonable payload with relatively less computational complexity, which confirms its effectiveness compared to other state-of-the-art techniques.
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