Travail, genre et relations de pouvoir dans le Carajas

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Authors and Corporations: Castro, Edna Maria Ramos de (Author)
Title: Travail, genre et relations de pouvoir dans le Carajas [Electronic resource / ressource électronique] Castro, Edna Maria Ramos de
Part of: Cahiers du GEDISST (Groupe d'étude sur la division sociale et sexuelle du travail) ; Vol. 9-10, n° 1, pp. 81-100
Summary:Work, gender and power relationship in Carajas. This paper highlights the links between social changes and the sexual division of labour in the Brazilian case, the area of large industrial zones projects in the Amazone. Consequences of these rapid and intense transformations in the way of life are put into perspective as well as the processes of women's entry in industry, changes in the labour market and in gender relations at work. In the same way, corporate strategies in the management of the labour force through gender are analysed in parallel with production management. The author demonstrates how the latest methods of sub-contracting are developped without weakening a paternalistic type of management. Finally, social conflicts in Amazone are developing through social movements and changes in the political scene are analysed in relation to development of political counciousness related to changes in the way of life.
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