Mit Verlust ist zu rechnen: = Losses to be expected

by: Seidl, Ulrich (Director); Zeitlinger, Peter (Videographer); Hutterová, Paula (Actor); Paur, Sepp (Actor); Srámkoyá, Stepánká (Actor)
Wien: Hoanzl, [2017]
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Czech action art: happenings, actions, events, land art, body art and performance art behind the Iron Curtain

by: Morganová, Pavlína (Author); Morgan, Daniel (Other)
Prague: Charles Univ., Karolinum Press, 2014

Věc Makropulos: opera in three acts = The Makropulos affair = Die Sache Makropulos

by: Janáček, Leoš (Author); Marthaler, Christoph (Other); Rossacher, Hannes (Other); Salonen, Esa-Pekka (Performer); Denoke, Angela (Performer); Very, Raymond (Performer); ...
Berlin: C Major Entertainment, 2012
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Don Giovanni: dramma giocoso in two acts

by: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (Author); Da Ponte, Lorenzo (Author); Guth, Claus (Other); Large, Brian (Other); Billy, Bertrand de (Performer); Maltman, Christopher (Performer); ...
[s.l.]: EuroArts Music, c 2010
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Der Wilde: = The wild one

by: Benedek, Laslo (Other); Brando, Marlon (Other); Murphy, Mary (Other); Keith, Robert (Other); Marvin, Lee (Other); Paxton, John (Other); ...
München: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2010
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La Traviata: Oper in drei Akten

by: Verdi, Giuseppe (Author); Piave, Francesco Maria (Author); Dumas, Alexandre (Other); Cavani, Liliana (Other); Longobardo, Paola (Other); Maazel, Lorin (Performer); ...
[Leipzig]: Arthaus Musik, 2009
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Ohayô, Japan!: Japanisches Festival, Wunder (unplugged); 7. bis 11. Okt. 2009 in Spinnwerk, ICZ, Panipanama

by: Grigull, Tom (Other)
Leipzig: Ohayô, Japan! - Japanisches Festival, [2009]
Book Conference Proceedings

Dojoji akagashira

by: Kanze, Yoshimasa (Other); Nomura, Mansai (Other); Teshigahara, Akane (Other)
[Tokyo]: Victor Entertainment, 2008
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by: Kanze, Yoshimasa (Other); Nomura, Mansai (Other); Teshigahara, Akane (Other)
[Tokyo]: Victor Entertainment, 2008
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From the house of the dead: opera in three acts = Aus einem Totenhaus

by: Janáček, Leoš (Other); Chéreau, Patrice (Other); Metge, Stéphane (Other); Boulez, Pierre (Performer); Galla, Ján (Performer); Krejčiřík, Tomáš (Performer); ...
Hamburg: Deutsche Grammophon, P 2008
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The prince of the pagodas

by: Britten, Benjamin (Other); MacMillan, Kenneth (Other); Bussell, Darcey (Performer); Chadwick, Fiona (Performer); Cope, Jonathan (Performer); Lawrence, Ashley (Performer)
[s.l.]: NVC Arts, [2006]
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Endstation Sehnsucht

by: Kazan, Elia (Other); Leigh, Vivien (Other); Brando, Marlon (Other); Hunter, Kim (Other); Williams, Tennessee (Other); Stradling, Harry (Other); ...
Hamburg: Warner Home Video, 2006
[S.l.]: Motion Picture [Orig.-Prod.], 2006
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Das verlorene Wochenende

by: Wilder, Billy (Other); Jackson, Charles (Other); Milland, Ray (Other); Wyman, Jane (Other); Terry, Phillip (Other); Brackett, Charles (Other); ...
Hamburg: Universal Pictures, 2006
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Stalag 17

by: Wilder, Billy (Other); Holden, William (Other); Taylor, Don (Other); Preminger, Otto (Other); Blum, Edwin (Other); Bevan, Donald (Other); ...
Unterföhring: Paramount Home Entertainment, 2005
[Hollywood, Ca.]: Paramount Pictures [Orig.-Prod.], 2005
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Tarare: opera in five acts

by: Salieri, Antonio (Author); Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron de (Author); Martinoty, Jean-Louis (Other); Malgoire, Jean-Claude (Performer); Gal, Zehava (Performer); Kirchner, Klaus (Performer); ...
[Leipzig]: Arthaus Musik, [2004]
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Shakespeare in love

by: Madden, John (Other); Paltrow, Gwyneth (Other); Fiennes, Joseph (Other); Rush, Geoffrey (Other); Norman, Marc (Other); Stoppard, Tom (Other); ...
Hamburg: Universal Pictures Germany, 2004
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The Makropulos case: opera in three acts

by: Janáček, Leoš (Author); Čapek, Karel (Other); Lehnhoff, Nikolaus (Other); Large, Brian (Other); Davis, Andrew (Performer); Silja, Anja (Performer); ...
[S.l.]: NVC ARTS [u.a.], [2003]
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Step across the border

by: Humbert, Nicolas (Other); Penzel, Werner (Other); Frith, Fred (Other)
München: Winter & Winter, 2003
München: CineNomad [Orig. Prod.], 2003
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Sunset Boulevard: Boulevard der Dämmerung

by: Wilder, Billy (Other); Swanson, Gloria (Other); Von Stroheim, Erich (Other); Holden, William (Other); Brackett, Charles (Other)
[S.l.]: Paramount Pictures, 2003
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Il Turco in Italia: an opera buffa in two acts

by: Rossini, Gioachino (Author); Romani, Felice (Author); Grimm, Thomas (Other); Bartoli, Cecilia (Performer); Raimondi, Ruggero (Performer); Rumetz, Paolo (Performer); ...
[München]: Arthaus Musik, 2002
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